Six Days to Go!

We’re in the final stretch, kids. It’s time to put your game faces on, get serious, and don’t waste time on any facet of your life other than your upcoming Disney vacation and its preparation. Your friends, family, and job may not understand, but simply tell them* you’ll get them a souvenir and will be mostly back to normal in roughly six weeks’ time.

*This is assuming you’re still gainfully employed, if not, focus on friends and family. Though, at this point, free souvenirs like one of those masks you can colour at the Mexico pavilion or a stack of cocktail napkins may make smarter financial sense for you.

Here’s what I’m staring down the Disney barrel at during these final six days before the rapture:

Check into my resort. Yes, that’s right, Disney will let you check into your resort starting 10 days in advance of your arrival assuming you have the secret website. What’s that? Oh, right, due to Disney’s perpetual state of technology bugs and blunders, I couldn’t actually check-in via their website using any of the “Check-in online!” links they provide. Each led down a different path of fail. Instead, my ever-helpful Disney CM Twitter Guardian Angel stepped up to save the day again, providing me with this link to check-in, and it finally worked.

Continue to be PUMPED. Various methods of pumpitude involve vowing to watch at least one Disney animated movie per day, listening to WDW area music non-stop, and wearing all of my favourite Disney shirts. That first pointer is brought to you by Netflix streaming, which I managed to take advantage of for eight movies’ worth this weekend. What can I say? I’m an overachiever.

Triple check airfare. Nope, no more price decreases. Only increases. This means bad news bears for Lindsay trying to stay a day longer. AND, I’m sad to report, that the one time MyMagic+ has decided to be technically sufficient ever is that it is smart enough to know that Lindsay has already used up her five days of FP+, meaning no abusing the system by doublefisting MagicBands for me. Life just isn’t fair sometimes, y’know? Why do the worst things always happen to meeeeeee? /overly dramatic fake whining.

Fix Hair. Yes, that’s right, I’m photographable once more! Thank god; my selfie posing muscles were starting to atrophy.

Research MNSSHP Character Maps. Now that I’ll no longer be mistaken for dressing up as Bozo the Clown’s ugly step-sister in her punk phase, I’m interested to know where my most beloved characters will be set up during MNSSHP so that I may get some good photo ops. Many thanks to Kenny the Pirate for his detailed information, including strategy and timing suggestions. Good news: it seems no one else is interested in posing with Alice in Wonderland characters, so we’ll win out there. And seeing as Jack Skellington looks more like an alien than a skeleton, I think we can side step that line mine.

– Rearrange the itinerary for 35869th time. It keeps me up at night. I’m always thinking I’ve found an even better way to craft my plans. Of course, one thing breaks another, so then I’m often back to the drawing board, but isn’t that part of the fun? Present debacles include trying to rearrange the current itinerary so that Lindsay can ride Space Mountain once it reopens from refurbishment on the 27th. Now, if she had just booked her original flight to stay through until Sunday… but I digress.

Cartwheels. Not literally, as I have a phobia of falling on my face, but mentally… many cartwheels are being performed this week.

Update pin photos. As I’ve mentioned before, I keep pictures of my entire pin collection on my phone because I’m a nerd it’s the best way to keep track of what I need/already have while I’m running around the parks. And seeing as how I’m continually trading online and guilting my boyfriend into bring pins home for me as souvenirs from his business trips, these photos need to be updated at the last minute before travel.

Pack. I’m holding off until Sunday for this task. If I start now, I fear that by the time I’m done, I’ll require two suitcases, and both will come in at over 50 lbs. I must limit myself. See also: cats have a tendency to pack themselves — I’m trying to minimize the amount of cat hair on my Tweedle costume.

Obsessively check countdown app. OH MY MICKEY EARS, THAT IS SO CLOSE!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Six Days to Go!

    • Yup, sounds about right! My cat has even packed himself into empty suitcases that weren’t going anywhere — he simply liked hiding in them. Scared the crap out of me one day, as I walked into the closet where the suitcase was, and it suddenly opened on its own, and out walked Dizzy, as if returning from a trip to Narnia.

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